Lifescience & Environment

Advancing Science and Sustainability with Exosens Technology

At Exosens, we believe in the power of innovation to drive both scientific discovery and environmental responsibility.  Exosens' single-photon technologies are enabling life science research, enabling detection and imaging capabilities.

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Exosens - Science

Enabling Life Science breakthroughs using single photon technologies

Life Science requests detection and imaging capabilities, not only to analyse the tissue health, but also to control the medicine ingredients. Exosens innovative cameras are the solution to the most complex detection challenges of the scientific community involved in ultra-low light imaging.

Different techniques have been used for a long time. New techniques, such as two photon microscopy or fluorescence-lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM), are emerging in order to improve the measurement accuracy.

Exosens’ cutting-edge technology provides capabilities to detect in very low light conditions up to single photon with fast gating mode, to account for temporal phenomena. Because every photon counts, Exosens reveals it.


Contribute to environment

Environment has become a major social stake. All the reports highlight the requirements to decrease greenhouse gases and to take care of our natural environment.

In addition to individual behavior, companies have taken into account this new request by developing ESG methodology. A key driver to having a positive impact on the environment is regular environmental observation and monitoring. In many cases such as gas detection, agriculture monitoring, aquaculture, fires detection and waste management, the use of optical detection or imaging solutions provide some useful information.

Exosens detectors and imaging solutions cover a wide range of wavelengths from Ultra-Violet (UV) to Long Wave Infra-Red (LWIR). With high sensitivity, they bring high image quality or low-level detection in a small form factor, which allow an easy integration. Whatever your need, Exosens expertise will contribute to find the most relevant solution.

Exosens - Environment
Exosens - Instrumentation

Enabling technological breakthroughs with innovative imaging and detection solutions

Instrumentation is a key requirement to measure and analyse complex or unknown physical phenomena. For the last century, a lot of research projects have aimed at better understand the infinitely small at imperceptible scale. Ion, electron or photon detection remains mandatory to push forward the limit of human knowledge.

Space exploration or big scientific projects contribute to build step by step the understanding of the universe. Exosens is a global leader in ion, electron and photon detectors. At the edge of the art, Exosens has a long history of partnership with the most famous labs in the world.

Enabling to provide the best possible care for patients.

Exosens detectors are used in cutting edge medical technology to help provide the best possible care for patients. Exosens understands the need for these devices to perform as specified in a routine manner. For endoscopic applications, Exosens provides high aperture optical waveguides, which may be combined with a low light imaging camera to eliminate the need for additional light during examination.

Additionally, Exosens offers a wide array of MCP-based detectors which can be used in procedures using X-Rays or other radioactive materials. Exosens MCPs feature a 2µm pore size for maximum sensitivity, making them uniquely beneficial for medical applications.

Resistive glass products from Exosens are an excellent choice for ion mobility spectroscopy as they enhance ion separation as the sample is being analyzed. From capillary inlet tubes to monolithic reflectron lenses, the resistive glass provides a uniform electric field to effectively transport charged particles within the structure.

Exosens - Medical imaging Application

Applications in Lifescience & Environment



Monitor fish farming using high quality cameras



Advancing ex vivo observation

Medical imaging

Medical imaging

Advancing medical imaging through innovative sensor technologies



Understanding eye diseases through innovative sensor technologies

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