Cricket™² advanced image intensifier adapter

The Cricket™² is a plug-and-play image intensifier camera attachment device enabling low light level imaging or single photon imaging functionality and extremely high shutter speeds for every CCD or CMOS camera.

Equipped with industrial-leading Photonis Image Intensifier technology, and Recognized for best value, Cricket™² sets an unmatched standard for connectivity with scientific microscopes and cameras.

For researchers who dedicate time to science rather than instrument setup.

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Turn your camera into a scientific grade intensified imaging solution
Available with full range of Photonis Image Intensifier Tubes
Ultra high speed electro optical shutter functionality
Compatible with all c-mount CCD and CMOS cameras

Cricket™² advanced image intensifier adapter

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Mechanical connections

Lens mount interface


Camera mount interface



Electrical connections


Micro-Usb(100mW @ 5 Volt)

Gating (Optional)

SMA Connector (50 Ω)

Gain control integrated

Lemo connector (0-5V)


Mechanical specifications

Housing materialAluminum (Black anodized)            
Housing dimension (HxWxL)95x58x112
Weight450 grams 


Optical specifications

2/3" Sensor format4:3 aspect ratio
1/1.2" Sensor format16:10 aspect ratio



Cricket™² Image Intensifier specifications Cricket™² Image Intensifier specifications

Basic operation

The IIT is the actual image intensification device embedded in the Cricket™2 and is capable of enhancing a low light level image up to 400.000 times in the case of a single MCP-based IIT. The optical image input is converted to photoelectrons at the Photocathode. The photoelectrons are drawn by an electrical field into the MCP where they impinge multiple times on the inner walls and thereby multiplies several thousands of times. The electrons then hit the phosphor screen where they are converted back to an optical image.


Image intensifier

Input windowQuartz or Glass (Fiber/mgF2 optional)
PhotocathodeHi-QE range, SolarBlind or Broadband
Micro Channel PlateHigh resolution, Hi-CE (Collection efficiency) (High dynamic range optional)
Phosphor typeP43 or P46


Normal Gating (Optional)

Gate unitIntegrated
Gate on/off0-5 Volt (TTL)
Gate on/off time (HI-QE Red)30ns
Gate on/off time (Other)200ns
Gate repition rate20 kHz
Delay time (gate to cathode)100ns
Rise time 20ns
Fall time20ns


Fast gating (Optional) 

Gate unitExternal
Gate on/off0-5 Volt (TTL)
Gate on/off time3ns
Gate repition rate300 kHz
Gate repition rate (burst)2,5 MHz
Delay time (gate to cathode)100 ns
Jitter30 ps RMS



The Cricket™² is a plug & play camera image intensifier attachment enabling low light level imaging and extreme high shutter speeds for CMOS and CCD cameras. The Cricket™² fitted with a Single MCP (Micro Channel Plate) based IIT (Image Intensifier Tube) enables an all in one camera upgrade for high resolution, low light level imaging. By straight forward C-Mount attachment and USB power supply, the Cricket™² offers an unmatched standard for connectivity.

High speed gating down to 3ns for time-domain imaging using the photocathode as electro-optical shutter. High repetition rate up to 300 kHz and 2.5 MHz in burst mode. Cricket™² is an all in one solution with integrated optics and electronics.

Cricket2 Application Example

Boost your camera sensitivity with Cricket™²

Configuring the right IIT for your Cricket™²






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