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Neutron and Gamma detectors AREVA Label

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Exosens CSR Strategy

Exosens reveals our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy. We are thrilled to share our commitment to making a positive impact on both society and the environment.

Learn more about our strategy and targets across four pillars by downloading our CSR Strategy document : 
Let's build a safe, fair and sustainable future together!

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Business Ethics Policy

Exosens is committed to operating in accordance with the highest standards of social responsibility and ethical behavior and to that extent, we engage in addressing major business ethics risks through this Business Ethics Policy.

This policy is our central policy document, outlining Exosens’ standards of business conduct and setting guidelines to choose the right behavior in any situat...

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Labor and human rights policy

The purpose of this policy is to express our desire to provide our employees with an environment in which they feel safe and protected

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Whistleblowing Policy

This whistleblowing policy has been developed to underscore our commitment to transparent and accountable management. It is designed to empower employees and third parties, such as, among others, suppliers or clients, to report any malpractice, unethical conduct, or illegal practices within the workplace without fear of reprisal. The objective is to protect individuals from detriment or disc...

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