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Xenics_LWIR_MicroCube 640_Leaflet

The latest generation of thermal cores in 12μm pixel pitch feature true SWaP design and cover main standard interfaces.

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Aion 640

Aion represents ultra-compact core features of full tecless implementation in InGaAs shortwave infrared detector.

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Opal™ Segmented STEM Detector

The Opal detector comprises a segmented, PIN silicon diode sensor, a preamplifier for each segment and a retraction mechanism.

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NOCTURN Cameras Brochure

Detect, Recognize and Identify with Photonis Digital Vision. Designed for crystal clear imagery in day-through-night lighting conditions, Photonis low-light technology offers a wide variety of imaging products with high resolution, high frame rates and extremely low light capabilities.

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Optical Receiver Brochure

Photonis’ Optical Receiver is a high speed optical detector that is suitable for fast optical signals in the green to ultra-violet spectral range. The Optical Receiver module is also suitable for operation in vacuum environments.

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Affordable handheld binocular for Search and Rescue operations thanks to image fusion technology mixing low light and thermal visibility.

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Radar Communications

Photonis is an industry leader in providing reliable and accurate radar solutions to global militaries. Our broad range of products, combined with the innovation and versatility to engineer custom solutions, allows you to be the fi rst to recognize any incoming threat.

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Resistive Glass Product Brochure

Photonis Resistive Glass technology creates uniform electric fi elds that direct or guide charged particles within a rigid glass structure. The patented process creates an integral semi-conductive layer which can be manufactured into capillary inlet tubes, monolithic refl ectron lenses, collision cells or drift tubes to preferentially attract either positive or negative ions. With Photonis’ ...

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Satellite Communications Brochure

Since 1942, Photonis has provided the world with reliable radio frequency (RF) power and Traveling Wave Tube (TWT) technologies to beliver broadcast, satellite and data solutions. No matter how you need to communicate, Photonis ensures you will be the fi rst to receive all critical communications.

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Stripline MCP Brochure

Photonis’ Stripline Microchannel Plates capture high speed sequential images through the use of an electrode strip manufactured on the surface of each piece.

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Time of Flight Brochure

Photonis is the leader in Time-of-Flight (TOF) detection technology for Mass Spectrometry, enabling you to achieve your goals through collaboration and innovation. Our approach is focused on being a trusted partner in your technology development.

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XR5 Image Intensifier Tube

As the evolution of the trusted XD-4 image intensifier, the XR5 image intensifier offers an improved performance. With higher figure-of-merit (FOM) values and better signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) the XR5 image intensifier tube delivers the users a better performance throughout the night.

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SR750 Leaflet

Photonis Digital Vision is market leader in photon imaging and has successfully incorporated image sensors into observation devices.  SR750 is a long-range camera with powerful zoom and adapted ergonomics for rapid deployment.

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Bobcat 320 Series

The Bobcat 320 series is based on an in-house developed, temperature stabilized InGaAs detector with a 320 x 256 pixel resolution.

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Bobcat 640 Series

The Bobcat 640 series is based on an in-house developed, temperature stabilized InGaAs detector with a 640 x 512 pixel resolution. The camera comes with a CameraLink or GigE Vision interface and features low weight and power.

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