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Contributing to a safe, fair and sustainable future

Exosens - Corporate Social Responsability

At Exosens, we are all aware of the importance of integrating current environmental and social issues into our growth. This is the reason why we have recently been working on our CSR strategy, which will guide us in the coming years.

In order to create value over the long term and with a view to sustainability, we developed our CSR strategy around 4 pillars: Partnerships with CSR commitments, Humans responsibility, Environmental sustainability, Governance with a purpose. By choosing to reflect these commitments in our business, we aim above all to have a positive impact on our stakeholders, society and the environment, and therefore engage on a more sustainable business.

Learn more about our strategy and targets across four pillars by downloading our CSR Strategy document


Our 4 axes of commitment



Exosens - Corporate Sustainability

Being part of the fight against climate change…

In 2022, we took a significant step towards environmental sustainability by calculating our carbon footprint at a Group level. 

We aspire to set greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction targets aligned with the Science Based Target initiative, with the objective to achieve a 42% reduction in operational emissions (scope 1 and 2) by 2030, working towards carbon neutrality on scope 1 and 2 by 2040. Exosens fully understands that measuring its carbon emissions is part of its financial performance and started to follow annually this indicator at group level.

…through the limitation of the impact of our products on the environment

We firmly believe that driving change requires inspiring a transformation within our industry. That's why our vision is to embrace an eco-design approach for 100% of our new products by 2027, empowering us to offer our customers high-quality equipment, designed to be more respectful for the environment. 

To achieve this ambitious goal, various strategies can be adopted such as optimizing manufacturing processes to minimize their impact, optimizing water and energy consumption, striving to adopt greener resources, selecting raw materials that meet ESG criteria, enhancing packaging and distribution methods, and more. 

Our commitment extends to prioritizing product safety and utility as we strive to uphold responsible and eco-friendly business practices.

Exosens - Corporate Sustainability

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Exosens - Corporate Sustainability

From the source...

To ignite genuine change, it is imperative to initiate action from the very foundation. Exosens recognizes the significance of addressing the issue at its core, which entails focusing on suppliers – the primary actors in our value chain. 

For this reason, it seems necessary to rethink our relations with our suppliers in a radical way. In pursuit of transparency and commitment to our stakeholders, our goal is to have by 2027, 80% of our strategic suppliers  embracing a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach within their operations.

By fostering a shared horizon, we can ensure that our business contributes to a more sustainable future for all parties involved

… to the customer

Our goal is to align our practices with the established CSR framework of Ecovadis, and by following this methodology in accordance with international standards, we aim to achieve a Gold Medal rating by the end of 2025.This recognition validates dedication to environmental protection, human rights, ethical business conduct, and responsible procurement. The Ecovadis Gold Medal serves as an important sign of a company's sustainability performance, environmental responsibility, commitment to human rights, working conditions, ethical practices, and sustainable procurement efforts.

Exosens - Sustainability

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Exosens - Corporate Sustainability

Caring for our own…

Taking care of our own means putting in place appropriate systems to help us reduce the severity and frequency of workplace accidents, as well as psychosocial risks. Indeed, the mental health of our employees is non negociable, and for this reason we are committed to making 80% of our managers aware of the causes, forms and reactions to be adopted in case of any suspicion or concern about an employee.

… by valuing individual richness

As part of our commitment to advancing gender equality in the workplace, we have set ourselves the target of having at least 30% women in our Executive Committee by 2026. In line with this objective, several measures promoting gender equality in terms of remuneration have already been implemented and are integrated into human resources policies across our various sites. 
Exosens recognizes the immense value of cultural diversity, given our global presence. To ensure that each individual feel valued and engaged in the activity of the company, we commit to have an engagement rate above 70% by 2027.

Exosens - Sustainability

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Exosens - Corporate Sustainability

Chosing the place we want to occupy in the society…

In order to drive the systematic integration of CSR principles into our day-to-day operations, we have also introduced ESG criteria as a pivotal component in determining executive bonuses. This initiative serves as a tangible example of our commitment to rewarding and incentivizing actions that contribute positively to our ESG objectives. 

By aligning executive incentives with ESG performance, we emphasize the importance of responsible practices and foster a culture of sustainability throughout the organization.

…by being uncompromising with core principles

As previously stated, we seek to provide a secure and collaborative environment for all stakeholders while safeguarding their confidential information and upholding ethical business practices. 

For this reason, we plan to have 100% of our partners  committed to respect our Code of Ethics by 2025, and will introduce introducing "anti-corruption" training for all new employees by the end of 2025, in order to equip them with the knowledge to understand and mitigate potential risks.
In the same spirit of precaution and continuous improvement, 4 phishing test campaigns will be conducted per year for our various teams. This will enable us to assess cybersecurity vulnerabilities and address any weaknesses that may be identified. By staying vigilant, we aim to bolster our defenses against potential threats and ensure the security of our operations.

Exosens - Corporate Sustainability

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