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Photonis Defense Inc. part of Exosens, is the premier provider of advanced products in the fields of broad bandwidth, high power microwave amplifiers and cutting-edge night and digital vision technologies.  Photonis Defense Inc. is located at 1000 New Holland Ave, Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17601 – 5688. 

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Photonis Defense Inc

BURLE Business Park - 1000 New Holland Ave, Lancaster, PA 17601, United 


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Photonis Defense Inc. provides state of the art technologies and products pertaining to power tubes, microwave traveling wave tubes, night vision and digital vision solutions to the markets we serve.

Photonis Defense Inc is proud of our reputation and service which embraces all economic and cultural challenges. We have a culture where every colleague is valued, so opinions will be respected, and contributions rewarded. For us, the diversity of our staff is the key to improving the company’s competitiveness in a global marketplace. Photonis Defense is a company with agile and innovative engineers, scientists, analysts, and business professionals serving customers around the globe.

Photonis Defense is a place where we can all be proud to work. Our corporate values are:

  • Honor, Trust, Integrity and Respect
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Passion for Excellence
  • Accountable to our Customers and Ourselves
  • Disrupt the Status Quo and Inspire Greatness
  • Unwavering Support for Our Military and First Responders


Photonis Defense is a leading multinational high-technology company, with experience in manufacturing, sales and innovation specializing in photo sensor imaging technologies. Our products can be found across the globe and are used by the US Department of Defense and the US Department of Energy. Some of our products are also used by federal, state and local agencies and a selection of our innovative night and digital vision technologies are available to the commercial market.

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Photonis Defense is committed providing the best and most advanced products in the fields of broad bandwidth, high power microwave amplifiers and cutting-edge night vision technologies. Quality, without compromise.


At Photonis Defense, our mission is to be the vanguard of defense technology, illuminating the path to a safer and more secure world. We are committed to harnessing the power of photonics and advanced imaging solutions to deliver cutting-edge innovations that equip and protect those who safeguard our nations. Our unwavering dedication to excellence drives us to provide superior products and support, ensuring our customers are always one step ahead in their mission to protect and defend.

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Industry leader

Since 1942, Photonis Defense has been keeping our forward deployed military at the ready with sensors and image intensifier tubes that pierce the blackest of nights, and with jammers and broadcast technologies that deny the enemy their ability to track and engage while assuring our forces can communicate under the most adverse conditions.

We offer a variety of customized traveling wave tubes and microwave power modules for electronic warfare, signal jamming, and SatCom. Our power tube product lines provide the massive amounts of power out and RF amplification needed by our ballistic missile defense systems and our nation’s most advanced global communication networks.

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Photonis Defense Inc is customer-oriented, everyday we are doing our best and living concretely our values.

Photonis employees are motivated, competent and energetic. We commit to an environment that encourages leadership and learning. We encourage and support challenges to conventional thinking to further innovation and enable new technologies

We live by our values and believe that practicing what we preach creates long-term benefits for our customers, employees, suppliers and the communities we serve. Our values describe our company as we want it to be and we strive to ensure that they are demonstrated in our decisions and actions every day.

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