Power tubes

A wide variety of power tubes and their associated circuitry components all designed for specialty use

The Photonis Defense Power Tube product line encompasses a wide variety of tubes and their associated circuitry components designed for specialty use. Photonis Defense manufactures gridded power tubes (tetrodes and triodes) for use in defense, communications, broadcast, research and other applications. Output capabilities range from a few watts to megawatts, and frequency coverage extends from DC to over 1400 MHz.

Our Power Tubes can be found across the globe, from mobile communications applications to physics research and were designed to meet very stringent environmental and technical specifications. With over 70 years of outstanding Power Tube experience through our RCA & BURLE heritage, Photonis Defense has established a reputation for product performance, quality, and life. Photonis Defense engineers continue to add innovative tube and associated circuit designs for new applications. If you have a specific need for a custom power tube, contact us and let our experience work for you.

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