Microwave devices

Efficient and effective traveling wave tubes, microwave power modules, and traveling wave tube amplifiers for use in defense, communications, research and a variety of other applications.

Photonis Defense part of Exosens and its predecessors have been designing and manufacturing Traveling Wave Tubes (TWTs) since their invention in the early 1940’s. Photonis manufactures helix-type tubes that are constructed using the industry standard metal-ceramic construction. Our tubes are conduction cooled and feature rare earth periodic permanent magnets for power-free focusing.

Photonis TWTs are typically used for electronic countermeasures, radar applications, airborne military platforms, rack mount amplifiers, communications, and SatCom. Photonis Defense offers Conventional Traveling Wave Tubes, Pulsed Traveling Wave Tubes, MM Wave Traveling Wave Tubes, and Miniature Traveling Wave Tubes.

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