World Exhibition Stand Awards for exhibition stand Photonis

Expovorm International won two prizes during the World Exhibition Stand Awards Thursday 16 May. An international award that acknowledges excellence in the design of exhibition stands. Expovorm won the bronze prize in the category ‘Best Modular Stand’ with the design of the stand commissioned by Photonis Technologies and won a silver prize with the same design in the category ‘Best Reusable Stand’.

Photonis participates in exhibitions worldwide with different floor spaces and stand layouts. The requirement of Photonis was to exhibit in different shows with a stand that could be re-used in such a way that the Photonis presentation would remain consistent. The Octanorm stand products were used in this design in combination with the knowledge and skills of the Octanorm Service Partners International (OSPI) partners. This resulted in a modular stand and became suitable for all kinds of floor space dimensions through which branding communication remained consistent. The stand has already been used nine times, at exhibitions such as IDEX in Abu Dhabi, DSEI in London and Eurosatory in Paris. “We are very proud that we have won two prizes with this stand design. This design meets every requirement of Photonis and can be used multiple times without any waste of materials. It is a very big compliment that our work is acknowledged and rewarded by the World Exhibition Stand Awards organization”, Pauline Hilbrink, owner of Expovorm proudly said.

The business cooperation between Photonis and Expovorm started 3 years ago when Expovorm won the Photonis exhibition tender. Photonis was looking for a new stand building company that could create an open, modular and custom made stand. Expovorm competed with three other companies and ultimately won for their innovative idea the ‘green-on go’ from Photonis. “The design from Expovorm fully met our requirements. It is a light weight, open stand and its modular parts can be re-used in every exhibition. Furthermore, it contains a starry sky as a connection to our night vision technology products. It is really fantastic that our cooperation with Expovorm resulted in two awards during the World Exhibition Stand Awards”, Martin Snijders told us, Marketing Communication Manager at Photonis. 

Expovorm International is located in Almelo, The Netherlands and realizes custom made stands anywhere in the world. From budget to turn-key projects, from system to a wooden stand or a combination. No stand is too big or too small, anywhere in the world people count on Expovorm. Expovorm expresses creativity, quality, flexibility, service and durability.