Photonis organizes Science Challenge for students

Photonis is launching an international challenge for Engineering and Business students. Through this challenge Photonis asks students to use their scientific knowledge to create a better tomorrow. Students can submit their Engineering or Business idea during the challenge to win substantial prizes.


Science for a better tomorrow
Photonis specializes in developing new technologies and applications for the markets they currently serve, however Photonis believes, there are many more markets that can benefit from Photonis Technology, in areas such as life science, healthcare, climate change, the environment, and generally improving the world. Photonis has been developing new technologies and applications for many years, however “we only know what we know,” said Bruce Laprade, President & General Manager of Photonis Scientific, when brainstorming on generating new ideas. To help figure out what Photonis doesn’t know, the company has organized a science challenge for students to come up with new ideas for applications and/or technologies aimed at a better tomorrow. Mister Laprade said: “I once interviewed an applicant, fresh out of university for an engineering position.  After the interview I showed him the factory and at one stop I described a bottle neck process. In 5 minutes he described a machine which would increase the process capacity by a factor of 14, without increasing cycle time, and improving overall quality. Sometimes someone from outside the company is not always aware of the technical difficulties that we’ve faced in the past, so they have an open minded, unbiased view on our technologies and applications. Asking students to come up with new ideas broadens our view and can identify new cutting edge applications and  new markets.”

Science Challenge
During the challenge students can come up with any idea that they think is related to the technologies of Photonis. But to help guide the ideas, Photonis came up with the theme ‘Science for a better tomorrow’. In the first stage, every team, existing of 1 to 4 students can send in an idea. Students from all over the world can form a team, in this way a team can, for example consist of an Engineering student, a Business student and a Marketing student with different cultural backgrounds. They will all bring in their specialty which will make the idea more complete. Students will have three months to send in their ideas. Ten teams will be selected for the second round. In this second round the teams will be linked to a mentor from Photonis who will help the students with working out their plan. In the end three teams will make it to the finals where they need to present their plan to a panel of judges who will choose the winner of the challenge. By participating in the challenge students can win substantial prizes which can be used for their studies.


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