PHOTONIS Introduces a Single Photon Counting Camera

Offering a Unique Combination of High Counting, High Resolution and Fast Timing 

Roden, NL -  PHOTONIS, The Netherlands based leading electro-optic component manufacturer, announced the release of a new single photon counting camera ideal for fast imaging under light starved conditions, such as Time Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC). The camera features micrometer resolution, picosecond timing, a full 18mm wide field of view and a count rate as high as 5MHz with no added read noise.

The Imaging Photon Camera combines innovative state-of-the-art microchannel plate detector technologies and specially designed fast electronics. These components eliminate the problem of electron noise found in low-light digital sensor technologies such as EMCCD or sCMOS. The Imaging Photon Camera can provide high resolution images at extreme low light without sub-zero cooling, and connects to any microscopy or imaging device via a standard C-Mount. The exceptionally high counting rate is independent of timing and spatial resolutions.

The Imaging Photon Camera can be customized at the time of order to spectrally match the MCP-based detector to the application requirements. The detector can also be equipped with a high quantum efficiency (Hi-QE) photocathode, introduced by PHOTONIS in early 2016. The Hi-QE photocathode can provide an up to 50% increase in quantum efficiency when compared to traditional S20 or S25 photocathodes.

PHOTONIS’ new Imaging Photon Camera is ideal for use in extremely low light level applications, allowing TCSPC techniques even in the sparsest light conditions. In Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy, the position of individual molecules, their fluorescence time and diffusion or dynamics can be determined at resolution levels unmatched by any other commercially available imaging system.