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Photonis shall deliver 40,000 image intensifier tubes to boost military night vision in Germany and Belgium

Photonis shall deliver 40,000 image intensifier tubes to boost military night vision in Germany and Belgium.

Mérignac, France – February 06th 2024


Photonis, brand of Exosens and world leader in image intensifier tubes, has been selected, for the second time, to supply 40,000 4G 16mm image intensifier tubes for Mikron night vision binoculars of Theon Sensors to be supplied to German and Belgian Armed Forces.

The move stems from a second contract between the consortium Hensoldt Optronics - Theon Sensors and the Organisation for Joint Armament Cooperation (OCCAR), leading to the output of 20,000 additional night vision binoculars for Germany and Belgium, scheduled for delivery over 2024 and 2025. The first contract, signed in 2021, was aimed at increasing Belgian and German night vision capabilities to achieve the level required by NATO Capability Objective 1201 "Advanced Individual Combat Capability". A total of 16,325 Mikron night vision goggles have been delivered to Germany (11 775 units) and Belgium (4,550 units) and actually 30,000 pieces in total shall be delivered including options on that first contract. Adding this second contract, over 50,000 binoculars shall be delivered between Germany and Belgium. An option of 25,000 additional night vision goggles is included in this new contract.

Photonis was the first brand to offer 4G 16mm image intensifier tubes, and its technology is the most widely used by European Armed Forces.

This is thanks to:

  • Their 16mm diameter, invented by Photonis, enabling OEMs to make night vision devices lighter and more comfortable for soldiers. Decreasing the load on a soldier is a constant challenge: reduction of SWaP (Size Weight and Power) contributes to enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of Armed Forces. Night vision devices that are designed around the 16mm IIT offer the tremendous advantage of having the same level of performance as those based upon the 18mm IIT, but with significantly reduced weight.
  • Their 4G technology, the new standard for all European land forces, meeting the needs of today's Armed Forces. 4G has become Photonis’ top-performing product over the last 10 years and is today the benchmark in all major European Land Forces programs: Germany, Belgium, Austria, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, Finland, Poland notably.
  • Their high performance FOM (Figure Of Merit) and long DRI (Detection Recognition Identification) ranges giving soldiers a considerable tactical advantage over their opponents in the most challenging light conditions.

The integration of Photonis image intensifier tubes in the Mikron night vision binoculars will enable dismounted soldiers and military vehicle drivers to view their surroundings, move around and engage in combat even in the darkest nights. This will also boost interoperability and reduce the logistical footprint on the ground where both nations are deployed.

"Over the years, our technology has become an essential part of European defense. Conflict evolves as does technology, which is why we invest in Research and Development to provide more effective solutions for soldiers. War is now in Europe, so Armed Forces need high-tech equipment to gain advantage," says Frédéric Guilhem, Chief Commercial Officer of Exosens.


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